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Modernisation of the customer experience as well as the cinema hall of the Filmpalast Zittau.

Design foyer: Natalia Anuszkiewicz

Program: Kino
Size: 6800m2
Client: Kieft & Kieft Filmtheater Sachsen GmbH

Photos: Franz Mueller Schmidt

Hotel Sonne, Zittau

Concept and design by Natalia Anuszkiewicz and Christian Weise

Program: Hotel, Restaurant
Size: 900m2
Client: Horschel GmbH

Photos: Franz Müller Schmidt

Benigna. Bar, Restaurant, Event Location.

Design: Charlott Weise, Franziska Schulz and Natalia Anuszkiewicz

Program: Bar, Restaurant, Theatre, Seminar Rooms
Size: 500m2
Client: Horschel GmbH

Photos: Pawel Sosnowksi

The Emmerich Hotel is a modern hotel in the historic district of Görlitz and opened in 2014. Raw concrete ceilings are indication for the successful rescue of an nearly gone heritage building. Exposed historic brickwalls and gothic wall surfaces stand in contrast to the modern italian interior.

Design: Christian Weise & Charlott Weise

Program: Hotel, Bar
Size: 900m2
Client: Emmerich Hotel, Görlitz

Photos: Franz Mueller Schmidt

The space of the former machine hall was revitalized and turned into a modern visitor center with exhibition space and shop. The infrastructure was modernized, exhibition cubes developed, but the character of the industrial heritage was kept in tact by restoring steel carriers and columns, mobile cranes and hoist ropes. We also exposed the brick walls. Vending modules made from steel and oak were designed and a modern seating areal with bar integrated.

Design: Natalia Anuszkiewicz

Program: Visitor Center, Bar
Size: 550m2
Client: Landskron Brauerei Görlitz GmbH

Photos: Franz Mueller Schmidt

Horschel opened its doors in January 2020 at the Untermarkt in the historic district of Görlitz and creates a restaurant that celebrates high-quality seasonal products from regional origins in a modern cuisine. Horschel is located in the Emmerich Hotel with direct view on the market square.

Design: Christian Weise & Natalia Anuszkiewicz

Program: Restaurant, Bar
Size: 100m2
Client: Horschel GmbH

Photos: Franz Mueller Schmidt

First named "Palast Theater" in 1920, the Filmpalast operated as a cinema since GDR times. The big hall is currently being reconstructed after historic example. Three smaller halls have been shaped into studio cinemas while 2 exisiting halls have been modernised. A modern cinema structure with spacious lobby and bar landscape emerged.

Design of Foyer, studios and big hall by Natalia Anuszkiewicz

Program: Cinema
Size: 6800m2
Client: Kieft & Kieft Filmtheater Sachsen GmbH

Photos: Franz Mueller Schmidt

We modernized the customer experience in the Cinema Bautzen and applied a colorful, yet calming palette to the interior concept to accentuate the humble joy of cinematic "escape" into another world.

Design Foyer: Natalia Anuszkiewicz

Program: Kino
Size: 6800m2
Client: Kieft & Kieft Filmtheater Sachsen GmbH

Photos: Franz Müller Schmidt

Reconstruction and redesign of the Görlitz-Information & Tourist-Service office on the historic Obermarkt.

Program: Customer office
Size: 55m2
Client: European City of GörlitzZgorzelec / GmbH Görlitz-Information

Photos: Paul Glaser

We've been hired to redesign the customer center of the Stadtwerke AG Görlitz. Custommade multifunctional wooden interieur such as the front desk, cubboards and displays give the space and uncomplicated dynamic.

Design: Natalia Anuszkiewicz

Program: customer center
Size: 50m2
Client: Stadtwerke Görlitz AG

Photos: Pawel Sosnowski

Reconstruction and redesign of the Tourist Center Zittau.

Program: Customer office
Size: 55m2
Client: Zittauer Stadtentwicklungsgesellschaft mbH

Photos: Franz Mueller Schmidt

Conversion and redesign of seminar and consulting rooms of the UnbezahlbarLounge in Görlitz.

Design: Ottomar GmbH
Program: Seminar and consulting rooms
Size: 200m2
Client: Entwicklungsgesellschaft Niederschlesische Oberlausitz mbH

Photos: Franz Mueller Schmidt


Ottomar is a studio for interior design and spacial concepts, which was founded in 2014 by architect Christian Weise. Ottomar is located in Görlitz and its international team develops complex creative solutions for interior as well as outdoor areas of hotels, restaurants, shops as well as exhibition spaces.

We always develop our designs in regard to extensive context of the particular project to deliver a tailor-made concept to our clients. We aim to integrate diverse stories of the space, its involvement to its surroundings and its materiality. It is important for us to experiment with materials and textures, to create contrasts, to confront forms and to make space tangible, which equally serves function and imagination.


Ottomar passionately developes creative solutions in realms such as interior design, exhibition design, design and architecture. We supervise all steps from first consultation, planning, coordination and execution in close cooperation with architects and artists.

With more than 25 years of professional experience in the field of building planning and longstanding collaboration with companies of different construction fields, we are able to plan ahead and competently accompany and realize demanding projects.

Ottomar is dealer of special interior furnishings. We can provide furniture by diverse manufacturers for you. We work with international brands such as Arper, Gubi, Moooi, Moroso, Rothschild & Bickers and Petite Friture amongst others.


New Hotel opened in Zittau - Hotel Sonne - concept and interieur design by Ottomar.

We are working on a new project at the Untermarkt in Görlitz. "Benigna" opens in the end of this summer and its interior design evokes the cloth-making and weaving craft that used to be domiciled here. We develop the project in collaboration with the artist duo Schulz & Weise.

Designed by Marius Schwarz and developed by François Girard-M, you can find all projects in a new design. Thanks to Franz Mueller Schmidt for the beautiful documentation of all the Projects!